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About me


Skyler Liu is an accomplished London-based contemporary artist of Chinese origin. She received her bachelor’s degree after completing Illustration and Visual Media at the London College of Art; following that, in 2021, she then achieved a Master's in Print at the Royal College of Art; Skyler has honed her technical proficiency and creativity.

Skyler is a printmaker whose range of subjects primarily focuses on figures. Her artistic practice is characterised by a profound exploration of themes such as memory, grief, trauma, spirituality and loss, all of which have been informed by her personal experiences, the experience of discovering the delicacy of human nature. In her series of stone lithography prints, Skyler investigates the intricacies of anxiety and trauma, with particular attention to the notion of nothingness, which is often presented as distorted portraits/figures. By employing a turpentine touche wash to create layered textures, she symbolises her uncertainties about her own identity as a Chinese artist. Furthermore, Skyler’s creative process involves incorporating illusions from her dreams, allowing her to express repressed emotions in a highly personal and profound manner. Using the process of abrasion and dissolution through stone lithography, Skyler captures fragments of illusory memories to manifest loss and disturbance, thereby creating an emotional connection between herself and her subliminal mind. Her works conceive memory as a collective body of prints, subject to the effects of fading, repression, and distortion gradually, ultimately resulting in their loss.

Skyler has had exhibitions in the UK, Belgium, and Germany. She was also an elected member of the Greenwich Printmakers Gallery and the Printmakers Council, all of which attest to her artistic achievements. Her upcoming group show in Finland, which is scheduled for the end of 2023, presents yet another opportunity to appreciate the depth and breadth of Skyler’s artistic oeuvre. In sum, Skyler’s work showcases both her technical mastery and her ability to build deeply evocative works that engage with fundamental aspects of human existence.




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