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In this project, I explored the loneliness and grief in death. After the death of my grandpa in February 2017, I made those lino prints with beautiful griefing quotes in March as an expression of the connection between my grandpa and me. I reflected my understanding of griefing in the hand gestures, as people intend to hold hands to support each other. I believe holding hands together do giving energy and comfort from one to another.    

It was a tough time to come to a realisation after someone's death, and it was an unenviable experience in life. There were many things I regretted that I didn't do or say to my grandpa. I regretted that I should go back home for at least one Chinese New Year; maybe I should talk to him more when I had a chance. 

I dreamt about my grandpa so many times after he passed away, and my friend told me that he visited me in my dreams because he missed me. I always ended up crying and regretting. 

In summer 2017, I finally get a chance to visit his grave, and when I was leaving, I heard he whispered, "hey, you came" which is “哟,宝宝来啦" in Chinese. I was relieved that I got to see him after all, and told him that I was doing good so please don't worry about me. 

I came to realise that the regret and sadness will always be in me, and I will live my life with those feelings. They became part of me. 

I had so many thoughts and feelings during the lino prints making process. 

I want to share my story and my understandings of death to cheer up those who have lost their loved ones, and to keep living. Just like Mariah Carey said in her song, "Lift your head up to the sky 'Cause we will never say bye". 

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